About us

Our story

Ginza was born as Johana Quero’s dream. A professional Industrial Engineer who decided to use her experience and become an entrepreneur, she created her own brand and called it GINZA MODA, which started in 2011 as a clothing store in Venezuela. 

Ginza Fashion

After establishing herself, in 2012, she turns to design and starts expanding into women accessories which allowed her venture into what is now her passion. She quickly developed the skills after completing the necessary courses providing her with the knowhow and the drive to create original pieces that would complement any outfit. As her style and growth was getting more popular in her country, in 2015 she decides to take her exciting new passion to international horizons. She establishes her brand in the USA under GINZA FASHIONS.

Ginza Fashion

GINZA FASHIONS focuses in the modern bold woman. Dedicating all efforts into creating unique, versatile and timeless pieces, which make women, feel bold, strong and elegant.

Ginza Fashions

Within the GINZA Accessories an exclusive collection of minimalistic fine jewelry stands out, which boasts elegance and class for the modern woman, these jewels are made using the finest materials such as sterling silver 925 , 18K goldfield and precious stones. We also pride ourselves of our personalized, hand-made accessories made using different exquisite techniques with high quality materials inspired by the latest trends ideal for all unique styles in occasions.

ginza fashions